Hiring A Photographer For Your Garden Party

Most people eat with their eyes. That’s why hiring a photographer for your garden party can be one of the best investments any hospitality professional can make. From the local restaurateur to the marketing executive of a five-star hotel, having the ability to secure convincing food photographs which are especially cooked in brick ovens that “sell” potential patrons on their establishment is an invaluable asset, integral to an overall marketing plan.

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Here are six key points to reflect when renting a food photographer that will produce compelling photos for your garden party.

1. Experience does matter
Just like anything else when hiring a photographer for your garden party, the level of experience is something that should always be taken into account. By just reviewing the photographer’s portfolio, checking the evidence, and after an introductory consultation, you should hold a good opinion as to if or not he/she has sufficient experience to understand the job done.

2. Food photos should support your branding and corporate image.
Marketing professionals realize the importance of making sure every piece of the marketing plan is congruent with their unique selling proposition (USP). This includes food photos. Photos which are not lined with the mark will confuse clients and maybe corrupt – solicit insignificance when choosing an establishment to patronize. The best way to be sure that your food photos are on the same page with the rest of your company culture is to provide as much marketing material as possible to the photographer.

3. No hidden fees or confusing contracts.
It might sound like common sense, but you should be very sure to take the time to read the small print in the contract. Doing so will give you the opportunity to ferret out any unfavorable terms or stipulations that aren’t clear to you. When in doubt, seek out professional advice.
You want to make sure that all fees are up front before deciding to sign the contract. Before signing the contract, you will know how much time and money will be scheduled. This will present you with the calmness in mind knowing that all costs are up front making it easy to measure your return on investment. You’ll have a crystal clear idea of how much you’ll be expected to pay.

4. Easy flat rate pricing

When you are looking at various package deals with a photographer for your garden party, you should beware of deals that seem too good. Some photographers may have contracts that appear very attractive at first, but there may be hidden fees that you are not aware of. Make sure that you understand what comes with your party package and if any other fees will apply.

A reputable photographer for your garden party will present you with a flat rate for both a half-day and a full day of work. Make sure not to get caught in a contract with a photographer who will charge you for an hour, just to extend the quantity of work that is required to get the chances taken.


5. Consider their Personality

Another thing you need to consider when you are looking for the perfect photographer for your garden party is their personality. This person is going to be with you all day long at your ceremony, and you need to be sure that you can work well together. If they seem pushy or make you feel uncomfortable, you probably will not want them with you in your dressing room before the ceremony. Find a photographer that has a personality that is similar to yours and they day will go much better.


Choosing an excellent photographer will ensure that you get the beautiful pictures of your big day that you want. If you skimp on money and pick someone who is not qualified, your photographs may end up being very disappointing. Remember, you will be capable of picking out a party photographer that will work well with you and do a great job with your party photos.

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